In Brief:

  • The conflict in Ukraine has resulted in a bloodbath with hundreds of thousands dead or injured on both sides.
  • Russia's military has been shown to be unprepared and vulnerable to modern weapons.
  • The war has caused internal turmoil in Russia, with citizens fleeing conscription and challenging the Kremlin's authority.
  • Russia has faced heavy sanctions from the international community, and even President Putin has been indicted for war crimes.

Situation Report

Two years into the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the situation remains bleak. The invasion, which many initially doubted, has proved to be a catastrophic event with a high death toll.

Russia’s military has been unable to achieve swift victory, and even small gains have come at great cost. The war has also had a significant impact on Russia internally, with citizens fleeing conscription and an armed uprising challenging the Kremlin’s authority.

Additionally, Russia has faced widespread international disdain and heavy sanctions, with even President Putin being indicted for war crimes. The country has become increasingly isolated and plunged into darkness.


The past two years have shown that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a critical turning point. It marked the abandonment of any cooperation with the West and a crackdown on dissent within Russia.

Despite the high cost and international condemnation, President Putin has shown no intention of changing course. With elections approaching, he is tightening his grip on power, silencing opponents, and extending his presidency.

While some Russians may still hope for a change in the future, it seems unlikely in the near term. The impact of this conflict on Russia’s relationship with the international community will further isolate Russia.